Hi Ilco,

Welcome to your personal “Framed Series” page. I hope you’re all well today. If you need anything else besides the making of, certification, or history of your piece, let me know. Thanks again for your trust and hope to speak soon.

Cheers, Frans

the making of


Framed series 01, Reg no. 01, produced between May 2022 & April 2023, 1st owner, 1 of 1 in Central Europe.

– 312 hours of craftsmanship. 

– 58 meters of sandpaper.

– 28 kilos of resin.

– 23 Ibuprofen capsules

– 14 shades of pink, blue, black, mint, and yellow colors.

– 11 plasters.

– 6 kilos of steel.

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